Klara Fredriksson

Can Legalizing the Rhino Horn Trade Help Save the Rhino?

In the last couple of years, Africa’s rhino population has experienced a poaching epidemic. Official figures show that the number of killed animals has exploded in South Africa, from 13 in 2007 to 1054 in 2016. This surge can be traced back to a demand boom for rhino horn in …

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China: Africa’s Curse or Blessing?

Africa goes Chinese. All over the continent Chinese companies are investing their money. Mines are being opened, roads are being made, and trains are starting to run. The results seem staggering: after decades of sluggish economic growth, Africa finally has its long-awaited economic boom. The question is how long this …

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Let the Games Begin… Somewhere Else

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro (Picture: Agência Brasil, Wikimedia Commons)

Seven years from now, the youth of the world will assemble for the games of the thirty-third Olympiad, at a venue to be decided in September of this year. But the bidding process for the 2024 games has played host to controversy from the start, as political wrangling and popular …

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Australia’s Carmichael Coal Mine: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room?

(Picture: Takver, Flickr)

“Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them” – George Orwell. The Australian government’s approval in April of the Carmichael Coal and Rail Project, just 3 months after ratifying the Paris Agreement on climate change, illustrates a paradox at the …

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The Rainbow Flag – A Historical Symbol for Equality

“People aren’t just one thing, they’re not just gay, or not just transsexual, everyone can be a mixture of things.” These are the words from artist and activist Gilbert Baker, the person behind the creation of the rainbow flag. Today, this flag represents the LGBT community which is now celebrated …

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What is happening to the LGBT community in Chechnya?

Since the end of February this year, the Chechnyan government has been rounding up homosexual and bisexual men and taking them to illegal detention facilities. There they have been tortured, and forced to give out names of other LGBT people. It is believed that over a hundred men have been seized, …

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The Continuation of Genocide in Modern Times

When we hear genocide, most people primarily think of the Holocaust, Arbeit Macht Frei, gas chambers. Some people would also consider the machete-wielding murderers in Rwanda, perhaps mention the Khmer Rouge, Srebrenica and perhaps even the Armenian death marches of the early 20th century. A few may bring up mass …

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Paradigm Shifts – How the Far Right Co-opted Leftism

(Picture: Pixabay)

2016 was a year of tectonic change in geopolitics: Brexit, and president Trump, two possibilities that had previously been seen by many as, respectively, unlikely and absurd. Parallel to the unfolding of these events, we saw the rise of a trend that was put under the label of “populist far …

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Breaking the Glass Ceiling or Making it Shine – Womenomics in Japan

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has vowed to revive the Japanese economy that has been in recession for more than two decades. Japan is facing severe demographic challenges due to its rapidly shrinking workforce. Abe wants to tackle this problem through robots and yes… women! With his trademark policy measures known …

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Silencing Critics – The War on Media Freedom

(Picture: Flickr)

The future political direction of the United States seems to be one of the big discussion topics on everyone’s minds today. The superpower is currently undergoing major political changes under the rein of its new president, which have caused heated debates both within the US as well as internationally. One …

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