About us

The Association of Foreign Affairs (abbreviated UPF after its Swedish name, Utrikespolitiska föreningen) was founded on February 8th, 1935 to disseminate information on international issues and encourage debate on foreign policy. The founder and first chairperson of the association was Gösta Lindeberg (1910-1995) who, together with the board of Lund Academic Association for the League of Nations (Lunds Akademiska Förening för Nationernas Förbund), decided to establish the Association for Foreign Affairs.

Utrikesperspektiv.se is the web-based magazine of the Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund. Here we publish articles regarding all aspects of foreign policy and interesting things happening around the world. It can be about current and past foreign policy issues, ongoing or finished conflicts or similar substances that may be of relevance.

The Association of Foreign Affairs would like to inform you, inspire you and create debate. Thus all opinions, statements, thoughts and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Because this is a student based web magazine all students are given their opportunity to share their thoughts and we would particularly welcome more people interested in writing and to become editors contributing ideas by writing articles for us. Does this seem interesting to you? Or do you have questions about Utrikesperspektiv? Send an email to webzine@upflund.se

UPF Lund is also present in other mediums. Our paper based Magazine Utrikesperspektiv is published 4 times a year and sent out to all UPF Lund members. To view the full online catalogue, click here! You can also listen in to UPF Radio, which broadcasts here every second week about big and small issues related to foreign affairs.

A warm welcome to Utrikesperspektiv.se!