Climate Change

▶︎ Talking Greenish: Episode 5 – The Climate Effects of COVID-19

Listen to it on iTunes (UPF Lund) Talking Greenish, the podcast about the planet, people and politics is back with another episode!…

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Is AMLO the New Pastor in Town?

Photo: Traditional flags Source: Unsplash/Filip Gielda On July 1, 2018, Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected as President of Mexico…

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Boris Johnson, along with senior politicians, test positive for coronavirus – cabinet members’ statuses in question

Picture By Stephen Harvey / No10 Downing Street Boris Johnson – the UK Prime Minister – has tested positive for…

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▶︎ Talking Greenish: Episode 4 – Activism

Listen to it on iTunes (UPF Lund) Talking Greenish: The podcast dealing with all things climate policy. In the fourth episode of…

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To PAC or not to PAC

The dome of the US Capitol building / Wikimedia by Diliff The issue of political campaign funding has been a…

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▶︎ The Current Rise Of Right-Wing Extremism In Germany

Listen to it on iTunes (UPF Lund) This podcast sheds light on recent attacks carried out by right-wing extremists in Germany such…

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The real figures behind the Sudanese Revolution

“We are oppressed at home, oppressed on the street, at university, at work, on public transport,” Wifaq Quraishi (protestor) said.…

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▶︎ How to (not) impeach a President

Listen to it on iTunes (UPF Lund) If you saw US President Donald Trump’s impeachment all over the news, but…

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The Rocky Road to Brexit

Rioting in Londonderry/Derry in April 1971. Photo: Flickr   Arguably the most complicated part about the UK’s withdrawal from the…

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Development of Whom? China’s Development Project of Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port

In December 2017, the government of Sri Lanka officially handed over the Port of Hambantota to China Merchants Port Holdings…

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