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Breaking news: Online poker endangering Christmas!

Picture: Shandi-lee Cox, Flickr.
Picture: Shandi-lee Cox, Flickr.

An undisclosed source within one of the largest online poker sites has leaked secret documents supposedly detailing the transaction and stakes made by Santa Clause, a.k.a. Jultomten. His account was described as “worrying” by the employee that leaked the information. “I had to act. This is money that is supposed to go to children’s Christmas gifts, you know.” This news comes at the same time as reports that working conditions in Santa’s workshop have worsened, with several elves speaking out in the media about the low wages and unsafe conditions. It is possible the rapidly deteriorating conditions at the factory are linked to the private financial problems experienced by Santa. How this is going to affect Christmas is yet unclear. The North Pole has refused to make a statement. But it is feared that there will be few presents under the tree this year. More on the story as it unfolds.

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