At most one girl, at least one boy

Dr. Mary E. John. Photo: Svalorna ( one hears the word gendercide China is the first thing that comes to mind. Strict government-imposed policies have decreased the birth rate from 6 to 1.5 children per every woman. This has resulted in sex selective abortions and the abandonment of millions of girls. However, a similar tragedy is happening in the second most populous country – India. According to the last census India’s child sex ratio, the number of females 0-6 years old per thousand males, has fallen. In 1991 there were 945 females per 1000 men, ten years later this number decreased and is now averaged at 914. Mary E. John, a prominent Indian scholar working in the field of women’s studies and feminist politics, was invited by UPF Lund to give a lecture. Yana Brovdiy asked Dr. John a few questions about the causes and solutions to the problem of the sex selective abortions in India.

by Yana Brovdiy