Dr Ahmadinejad, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the (Iranian) Bomb?

In his now-infamous speech at the UN General Assembly, Netanyahu stated that he believed that deterrence would not work against a nuclear-armed Iran due to Islamist fanaticism. This is perhaps an over-simplistic view of international relations. Photo: Dokeyhotey, FlickrWhile intelligence agencies and politicians in the West have been talking about Iran’s ambition to acquire nuclear weapons since 1995, it’s rather slipped under the radar of public debate until now. So far economic sanctions, computer viruses and (alleged) Mossad/CIA death squads don’t appear to have yielded any results and the prospect of any direct US and/or Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities seems to have been left on the shelf for the moment. So assuming that Iran does get its hands on a functioning nuclear weapon, what are the consequences really going to be for international security in general and the Middle East in particular

by Colm Delaney