Ireland’s Abortion Problem: “It’s a Catholic Thing”

A Dublin protest after Savita’s death. Photo: Infomatique on Flickr.When a pregnant 31-year-old named Savita Halappanavar was suffering from severe pain, her husband, Praveen, rushed her to Galway University Hospital, Ireland. After being sent home following an initial examination, Savita returned to the emergency room a few hours later. At this point, Savita was told she was going to miscarry her baby. As Savita was in severe pain, the couple asked for the pregnancy to be terminated upon hearing this news. But they were told, “unfortunately, it is a Catholic country, and when the fetus is still alive, you’re not able to terminate it.” Savita miscarried three days later, by which time she was in a critical condition herself after suffering from extensive, excruciating pain. She never recovered, and, to the dismay of her family, Savita died from blood poisoning and infection seven days after first being rushed to hospital.

by Sean Kearns