Is Morsi Becoming Mubarak?

Morsi looks in the mirror and sees Mubarak, according to this street artist.When Mohamed Morsi took office in the summer of 2012, there were great expectations placed on his shoulders. This was only natural: he was Egypt’s first democratically elected president, representing the organisation with the broadest public support in the country – the Muslim Brotherhood.

But his first major move made people draw comparisons between the new and the ancien régime. In November last year, Morsi signed a constitutional declaration that strengthened his own powers and forbade courts from striking down his decisions. Public protests reached revolutionary heights and the declaration was at last rescinded in December, but it planted a seed of fear among Egyptians that their new president might be of the exact same model as their last one.

Of course, this is the most obvious proof supporting anti-Morsi protestors’ theory saying that Morsi is becoming Mubarak. However, there are more subtle examples not making the headlines, including how Morsi is using the media, how the regime is supposedly hiring street thugs to break up peaceful anti-government demonstrations and the rumoured conspiracy surrounding the convictions at the Port Said tragedy trial.

by Jacob Berntson