Asylum-Seeking Pirates: What is the EU to do?

Pirates captured in the Gulf of Aden in 2009 by the U.S. Coast Guard. Source: Wikimedia CommonsEveryday, the men and women of the European Union Naval Force do what they can to protect shipping from the threat of pirates around the Horn of Africa. Over the last five years the EU Naval Force has captured and detained countless Somali pirates. But to what end?

By Kristoffer Johansson

The Kony Campaign: A Harmful Simplification?

Graffiti from the #Kony2012 campaign. Source: JoelAnthonyValdez, FlickrJoseph Kony, a guerrilla leader operating in northern Uganda, is known to the world as the devil incarnate. Kony’s acts include abducting and forcing children to become sex slaves or soldiers in the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), mass rape and mutilation. A California based NGO called Invisible Children (IC) have worked in Uganda for over a decade, and have set out to make Kony famous in order to gather support to stop him. Their campaign focused particularly on informing U.S. citizens about the dreadful deeds surrounding this man. However, they only explained a small portion of a complex and volatile situation.

By Jonathan Kananen