▶︎ Private-Public Partnerships: New Perspectives on International Development

Curious about the most recent debates and discourses among development practitioners working in the public and the private sector?

Tune in to this week’s episode focused on the latest perspectives regarding public-private partnerships, which are regarded as one of the more comprehensive means of tackling challenges to global development and facilitating conducive changes today. Some of the areas that private-public partnerships affect will include the following:
o The achievement and implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
o Learning coalitions and partnerships,
o Gender inequality in education and at the workplace, and
o Socioeconomic integration of refugees

We also sought insights from experts in the field at this year’s OxFID2020 conference – Europe´s largest student-led development forum taking place in Oxford, UK. This episode will feature the voices and opinions of:

* Nazila Vali – Programme Specialist Private Sector, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
* Dr. Muhammed Musa – Executive Director of BRAC International
* Kira Boe – Education Policy Lead at Oxfam Denmark
* Maurice Wren – Chief Executive at Refugee Council UK

Cast: Mara Glas & Dayoon Kim
Producers: Mara Glas, Dayoon Kim & Alejandro Guzman

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