Dual nationalities or dual classes – will revoking citizenship deter terrorism?

Many consider Canada to be a leading country concerning international affairs, due to their history of peacekeeping missions. Lately, however, there has been a notable change in both their domestic and foreign policies. A controversial bill on revoking Canadian citizenship for individuals with a dual nationality sparked debate on the

The truth is (probably) in the numbers: the excel sheets that could topple giants

The use of opinion polls in elections goes back to the early 19th century, though the current method of representative sampling was developed in the 1930’s. Franklin D. Roosevelt became the first presidential candidate to use polling in the election of 1932, but it was after John F. Kennedy successfully

Media in Cuba: Journalists still weapons of the revolution

Since Raul Castro took control of power in Cuba as a result of his brother Fidel Castro’s health issues in 2006, things have undeniably changed. The island nation that has long been famous as a very strict socialist society with restricted liberty is slowly starting to open up in some

Trolling ISIS: The West Battling Jihad on Social Media

Social media propaganda. Source: birgerking, Flickr CC The breakthrough of social media has given different actors the ability to communicate their message to an immense audience in a matter of seconds. It has provided individuals and organizations with the ability to spread ideas, mobilize supporters, and perhaps even start revolutions.

Video Technology: Improving Regular Media and Preventing Global Injustices?

The rapid evolution of digital technology has changed how we interact with the world around us. New technology has made it possible for even common people to share newsworthy information, which was previously the exclusive role of journalists and police. Bystanders witnessing a crime can easily record crucial information if