Turkey’s role in the Middle East – The return of the Ottomans or just a merchant of death?

Since the beginning of the fighting in Syria in 2011, Turkey has been determined to remove the government of Bashar al-Assad. The explicit goal was to install a Sunni led government in Damascus. This in turn implied a departure from the “zero problems with neighbours” policy doctrine in Turkey, dating

Canada’s Cultural Genocide – The Challenging Road to Reconciliation

Canada’s colonialist history is commonly considered a relic of its distant past. It is the prevailing mindset among most Canadians that the damage done to indigenous communities in the process of European settlement has been adequately compensated for, and that the country is in the process of rebuilding relations with

Dual nationalities or dual classes – will revoking citizenship deter terrorism?

Many consider Canada to be a leading country concerning international affairs, due to their history of peacekeeping missions. Lately, however, there has been a notable change in both their domestic and foreign policies. A controversial bill on revoking Canadian citizenship for individuals with a dual nationality sparked debate on the