The Arctic: A Bullish Market for the Russian Bear?

There has been much talk centered around the industrialization of the Russian arctic zone[1], but much less on the effect that this will have on the arctic environment and the communities living there. This portion of the arctic is home to 4 million people, many of whom are descendants of

Six Feet Under Climate Change: What the Soil Tells Us

Global climate change brought about by recent human activities has gathered a broad community of scientists and politicians to address perhaps one of the most important challenges of the 21st century. Political attempts to undertake actions towards climate change are limited by our ability to assess this problem. Although not

Ready in 5 – The Scary Truth of Nukes Around the World

Nuclear weapon use saw daylight on August 6, 1945. This day was, for an estimated 60,000-80,000 Japanese people, blinding light and total destruction. Tens of thousands more witnessed the same disaster three days later, and tens of thousands have fallen victim to the radiation sickness that followed. That was almost

It’s CO2mplicated: Outcomes of the UN Climate Summit

Last September in New York, right in the midst of fashion week, a perhaps slightly more serious gathering took place at the UN headquarters: the largest UN Climate Summit to date. Leaders from all over the world gathered to demonstrate their ambition to stop global warming. Not only by focusing

What Makes a Democrat?

What determines your political colour? Source: truthout/FlickrTraditionally, political orientation has been thought to be largely a product of one’s social network and upbringing. Recently, however, scientists have tried to tie together political orientation with evolutionary theory. One man looked at the research and drew conclusions about what makes our political identity. This is what he found.

For a layman, predicting political orientation is simple: Grow up in a Republican-dense neighborhood and you’ll end up Republican; surround yourself with Democrats and you’ll vote Democrat on Election Day. It’s all social influence. Plain and simple.

By Hampus Ljungberg