Is there a chance to heal our relationship with nature in a post-Covid world?

Chris Yakimov, Flickr  This pandemic has exposed many deep issues regarding the relationship between our species and the natural world. After the immediate stresses, we have the opportunity to create a better, greener future but this will require global cooperation, regardless of political direction.  As the world battles Covid-19, many

Europe’s Environmental Contradiction: The Saga Of The Glyphosate Licences

Last November a fundamental decision revealed the hypocrisy of the European Union concerning environmental issues and the incapacity of the European Commission to extract itself from the interests of commercial groups. The licence for the use of glyphosate, a hazardous herbicide, has been renewed for five years, with the agreement

A modest proposal to tackle climate change

Climate change is a global crisis that sees us racing towards a more than 2oC change in temperature that could lead to disaster. The major industrialized countries are not meeting their environmental goals and the ‘leader of the free world’, President Donald Trump is denying the existence of global warming,

Is Europe stepping up to meet the plastic waste challenge?

From waste masses floating in oceans to birds pictured with their bellies full of the stuff, the environmental hazards caused by plastic waste are breaching into the common consciousness. But what exactly is being done about this in the EU, the self-proclaimed environmental front runner of the world? Plastic has

“We Know the Way Through the Snow Storm”

Indigenous communities are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. But their holistic approach to the environment and the natural elements can play a crucial role in stabilizing the climate. In the Arctic, indigenous groups are still fighting to make their voice heard in the discussions at local, regional,