▶︎ Heroes and Villains – Live Show

The podcast is a recap of the live show from The Perspective Radio on the theme “Heroes and Villains”. The show starts with an introduction from Olga who also gives a brief overview of Julian Assange’s persona. She then opens up the topic for a discussion: should Assange, and whistleblowing

Obama’s Legacy: Still Hopeful?

As the midterm elections approach in the US, most people have grown accustomed to President Trump. It is now possible then, to look back at Barack Obama’s presidency. Campaigning for ‘change’ and a vision of a brighter future, Obama became a symbol of hope for many. But this begs the

The Case Of The EU’s Martin Selmayr

He has been called everything. A character from a novel, the Frank Underwood of the European Commission, a man who could sell his mom and dad, a monster that makes Brussels sway. Only exceptional people can evoke that much passion. If you have heard about Martin Selmayr, chances are that

How Fidel Castro Inspired The Left In Latin America

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz passed away in November 2016 and his death sparked varied reactions across the globe. Hated and admired by so many, Castro is a legend not only in Cuba, but throughout all of Latin America  and the world. He was also an inspiration to well-known Latin American