“We Know the Way Through the Snow Storm”

Indigenous communities are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. But their holistic approach to the environment and the natural elements can play a crucial role in stabilizing the climate. In the Arctic, indigenous groups are still fighting to make their voice heard in the discussions at local, regional,

Trumping reality: How the resistance movement is paving a brighter path

For many, the days after the 2016 US presidential election were spent mourning what was lost, and dreading what lay ahead. Yet, despite a general worldwide despair over Trump’s unexpected win, not all the consequences of this victory are discouraging. It has spurred a nationwide political uproar against Trump’s rhetoric

New Dunes in Saudi Arabia

“You can look at these ancient hills and see nothing. Or, you can see nothing to hold you back.” The sandy landscape of the strictly religious desert nation of Saudi Arabia rolls across the screen. “This is the opportunity you need to write humanity’s next chapter. Neom.” The dramatic video

A brighter path forward – How street lights create safety today while risking increased use of coal

Looking at a map of the world at night most of it is cast in darkness, but there are clusters of light. Mostly concentrated in Europe, the US, India, the coasts of China, and some of the Gulf countries, we can see the light pollution from cities filled with street

Norway: Environmental Paragon or Charlatan?

The signing of the Paris Climate Accord last year is probably the boldest global statement ever made to tackle climate change. And, with much press coverage of how the United States could become the only country in the world not party to the accord, perhaps another nation could become the