The Perspective magazine is the printed magazine of the Association of Foreign Affairs Lund. It has been printed ever since 1963 and is currently published four times per year – and delivered straight to our members’ postboxes.

The magazine aims to cover off-mainstream topics from across the globe in relation to contemporary politics and foreign affairs. Our committee consists of reporters, sub-editors, and layout editors. The magazine is completely made ‘in-house’ – starting from idea pitching to sub-editing sessions to the final, printed piece.

Bahadir Sirin & Nicolas Jendi – Editors-in-Chief of the Magazine Committee 2021-2022

Our goal is to create an atmosphere where our contributors are challenged to become better at researching and writing while enjoying themselves and being part of a team. We encourage our reporters to improve their journalistic skill-set while providing a safe space to discuss, feedback, and grow together as a group. Furthermore, we aim to conduct workshops on journalistic ethics, and how to get writing.

We typically recruit at the beginning of each semester, but you’re always welcome to email us at We meet weekly, Tuesdays 7-8 PM, to discuss article ideas, current affairs, and brainstorm how to turn ideas into compelling content. You’re welcome to join with or without previous journalistic experience!

If you are interested in reading previous issues of THE PERSPECTIVE, you can find them online, too. Take a look!