Mandatory Heterosexuality – The Only Alternative in Iran

Iran has for nearly four decades posed a particularly hostile environment towards its LGBT-identifying citizens, with little or no prospect of positive change regarding the rights of such individuals. The punishments for sexual acts between individuals of the same sex are severe, ranging from lashing or flogging, and including the

Trapped Asylum Seekers in Europe: The Dublin Regulation

There is a large number of asylum seekers and refugees who are attempting to find a better life in Europe. They are often middle-class, well-educated people fleeing conflict or persecution in their home countries and are looking for refuge because their own countries have become unliveable. After spending their savings

Popular Populism – The Success of Populist Parties Explained

Populism has existed since the dawn of politics and many historical consequences – ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – have been ascribed to it. Presently, Europe is experiencing a surge of popularity towards populist parties, often dubbed right-wing, which in turn leaves conventional parties struggling to remain in power. Ideology aside, the

The Mediterranean Migration Crisis: How Will the EU Respond?

In 2014, over 3,000 people have died in the Mediterranean Sea, according to the International Organisation for Migration. Violence in Syria, Eritrea and Libya has contributed to the rise in migrants attempting to reach Europe’s borders from Africa and the Middle East. Many people turn to illegal smugglers who often