One Ban To Rule Them All: A Wider Perspective On The Alabama Abortion Ban

Alabama’s recent decision to implement a near-total ban on abortion has sparked a worldwide reaction, bringing new life into the debate around female reproductive rights and abortion laws. The ban, passed on May 14th, effectively bans abortions outright. According to Amnesty International, access to abortion is one of the most

Climate Litigation: David Versus Goliath 2.0

Time is running out. This alarming sentence is probably the one which best describes the current climate situation of earth today. To reinforce the power of these words, we could rely on the last report from the International Panel on Climate Change which outlines that the impact of climate change

Argentina’s “Green Wave”: A Women’s Rights Struggle In Latin America

On June 13, 2018 the lower house of the Argentinian Congress voted in favor of a bill to decriminalize abortion up to the 14th week of pregnancy. Less than two months later, the upper house voted against the bill so abortion in Argentina remains penalized except in the case of