The Perspective is a joint media outlet by the Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund, abbreviated as UPF Lund after its Swedish name, Utrikespolitiska föreningen. We publish online articles, podcasts, and a magazine in which we cover many aspects of foreign policy and current events around the world. It can be about current and past foreign policy issues, ongoing or finished conflicts or similar substances that may be of relevance. 

The Perspective and UPF Lund would like to inform you, inspire you and create debate. Thus all opinions, statements, thoughts and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. We are student-based  and all students are given their opportunity to share their thoughts no matter how small your subject might seem.

The Perspective is a three branch media outlet:

The Perspective Webzine, where we publish weekly articles on a diverse array of topics. Contact us at: webzine@upflund.se if you have any questions or want to get involved!

The Perspective Magazine, our paper-magazine is published four times a year and sent out to all UPF Lund members. View the full online catalogue here. Contact us at: magazine@upflund.se if you have any questions or want to get involved!

The Perspective Pod&Radio, our Pod&Radio committee, broadcasts live radio shows online, every second week about big and small issues related to foreign affairs. We publish podcasts at least every second week, where our producers focus more on specific international issues. Contact us at: radio@upflund.se if you have any questions or want to get involved!

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