Women, Peace and Security: interviews with Mariam Orjonikidze and Alena Minchenia

How are women treated when conflict erupts? In this episode of The Perspective Pod our hosts Jan and Natalie interviewed Mariam Orjonikidze, the First Secretary at the Embassy of Georgia in the Czech Republic. Mariam has a Master’s degree in Politics and War from the Swedish Defense University, and is from Georgia but grew up in Prague, which gives her a unique multicultural perspective. In the interview, she talks about the current migration of women from Ukraine to the Czech Republic and how women are treated in times of conflict. She also mentions how war has affected Europe through a Georgian perspective.
Produced by Elliott Gunnell, Edited by Elliott Gunnell, Hosted by Natalie DeSouza and Jan Volenec. Published in December 2022.

In this episode of The Perspective Pod, our hosts Yohann and Natalie interviewed Alena Minchenia, a Lecturer and Doctoral student at the Central and Eastern European Studies department at Lund University. Alena comes from Belarus and has a Master’s degree in Gender Studies from the Central European University in Budapest as well as a MA in Cultural Studies from the European Humanities University in Minsk. In this interview, Alena discusses the current state of women’s rights in Belarus, her experiences with the 2020 protests, and the surprising recent emergence of women leaders in Belarus.
Produced by Elliott Gunnell, Edited by Yohann Pavaux, Hosted by Natalie de Souza and Yohann Pavaux. Published in December 2022.

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