Coordinated Hypocrisy: The World Bank’s Hegemony In Education

The doublespeak of the World Bank on education, evident in its 2018 report on education, exemplifies what has been coined as organized hypocrisy and clearly sets out the need to challenge its legitimacy and hegemonic role in global education. In line with the scholar Brunsson’s thoughts, organized hypocrisy must be understood as

A Tale Of Coal And the Big Chill: The Outcomes Of The Katowice Climate Summit

The start of December 2018 in Europe resembled the many Decembers before it. Cities and towns across the continent decorated their streets, squares and trees, all in preparation for yet another festive season that now rarely resembles the white Christmas of the not-so-distant past. However, the holiday spirit in one

“One Bank to Rule them All: The Discreet Power of the Bank for International Settlement”

When talking about the organizations of the international financial system, we often refer to the Bretton Woods institutions created in 1944, namely, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. However, the world’s oldest and most opaque international financial organization was founded long before that, in 1930. Despite being relatively