Ready in 5 – The Scary Truth of Nukes Around the World

Nuclear weapon use saw daylight on August 6, 1945. This day was, for an estimated 60,000-80,000 Japanese people, blinding light and total destruction. Tens of thousands more witnessed the same disaster three days later, and tens of thousands have fallen victim to the radiation sickness that followed. That was almost

Dashing through the snow; the resource race in the Arctic

The words “Arctic Circle” are usually associated with pictures of husky dogs, polar bears and researchers with icicles in their faces. It is difficult to find connections between the Arctic Circle, submarines, science fiction type snowmobiles, NATO and India. But believe it or not, all of those are entwined. The

We Shouldn’t Use The F-Word, Should We?

With Russia’s activities in Ukraine and the Baltic region, Finland has recently found itself in a very sensitive geopolitical and economic position. This position is one that they are not entirely unfamiliar with; during the Cold War Finland had to navigate on tricky political waters. In order to keep a

A Ship Comes Loaded With Timber… or Weapons?

“MV Arctic Sea.” Source: Wikimedia CommonsIn the summer of 2009 a cargo ship carrying timber was hijacked off the coast of Sweden. Piracy has been unheard of in the Baltic Sea for hundreds of years, and this was the first known incident of its kind for centuries. For two weeks the ship MV Arctic Sea went missing, prompting Russia to deploy its navy to locate it. Many of the details of the hijacking still remain a mystery and with no credible explanation of its disappearance many have raised the question of whether the ship was only carrying timber, or whether there was something else in the cargo.

By Joakim Carbonnier