The Case Of The EU’s Martin Selmayr

He has been called everything. A character from a novel, the Frank Underwood of the European Commission, a man who could sell his mom and dad, a monster that makes Brussels sway. Only exceptional people can evoke that much passion. If you have heard about Martin Selmayr, chances are that

Swedish Elections 2018: Gridlock In Stockholm

For perhaps the first time since 1973, the night of the general elections left the Swedish public with more questions than answers. The left-right block system that has dominated the political landscape in Sweden for decades has now seriously come into question.  In the largely ideologically-driven Swedish political landscape, two

Prostitution and Slavery in the EU: Romania’s Human Trafficking Problem

Human trafficking is a serious and terrible breach of human rights and a violation human dignity, yet it remains a lucrative illegal market globally. Estimates from the International Labor organization (ILO) show that profits from human trafficking reach 150 billion US dollars every year and affect over 20.9 million victims.

The most political thing you can do is to follow your heart

It has never been easy being gay, a lesbian, transsexual or bisexual in Belarus. Despite recognising same-sex relationships homosexuality is rarely accepted by society as a whole. As such homosexuals, transgender people, and bisexuals are often encouraged not to speak up about their sexuality. Instead the community is forced to

No Place for Moral Vacuums – the Crisis of Humanitarian Aid

Those who follow international news would have found it hard to miss the recent scandal faced by one of Britain’s biggest aid agencies, Oxfam. An investigation by The Times claimed that the charity covered up misconduct by senior aid workers in Haiti, including the then-country director Roland van Hauwermeiren. The

Europe’s Environmental Contradiction: The Saga Of The Glyphosate Licences

Last November a fundamental decision revealed the hypocrisy of the European Union concerning environmental issues and the incapacity of the European Commission to extract itself from the interests of commercial groups. The licence for the use of glyphosate, a hazardous herbicide, has been renewed for five years, with the agreement

If Mark Zuckerberg Runs For President In 2020, What Would It Mean For Facebook?

Donald Trump’s current approval ratings are lower at this stage in the presidency than any other President in the last forty years. Emboldened by this perceived vulnerability, candidates are already beginning to position themselves in what is expected to be a crowded field to contest the Democratic Party nomination; a

The persecution of the Rohingya in Myanmar

On August 25, 2017, a small faction of Rohingya militants known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) carried out an attack on three border posts in the Rakhine state, leaving twelve police officers dead. This prompted a brutal government-approved military retaliation, which in turn led to the outbreak of