Colombia – Glimpses of a Brighter Future.

With the second highest number of internal refugees in the world after Sudan, commonly being referred to as the heart for narco-trafficking and with an armed conflict containing no less than four separate players, the portrait of Colombia in media tends to be rather grim. The man whose job it is to turn this dire situation around is president Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, a diplomat by nature and part of one of the most influential families in the country. Some say his feet never strayed far from the path to the presidential palace and others say he is the optimal successor to previous president Àlvaro Uribe Velez. One fact that stands indisputable, however, is that expectations of him are high, possibly even higher than the mountains surrounding his high seat in Bogotá. If Santos wants to go down in history as the second liberator of Colombia after Simón Bolívar, unprecedented measures need to be taken.