Les 2012 French Elections

Those who have been keeping up to date with the results of the French election will have realised by now how incredibly diverse and stimulating the country’s mainstream politics is. even more unique is the current results and the implications this will have for the rest of Europe. The current president, Nicolas Sarkozy, having secured 27% of votes in the first round, as compared to his rival, François Hollande, currently on 28%, has become the first president in French history to lose the first round of the election. Dissatisfaction with the current president is strong, largely to do with broken economic pledges made in 2007, where he pledged to decrease unemployment in France to 5% (it has since increased to almost 10%). As well as this, as Sarkozy often himself points out, there is a strong intellectual and media movement against his campaign, largely due to his political character and willingness to break Presidential norms.