▶︎ Coping with Covid – The Global Economy

Worst time in a hundred years to be graduating from the university?

Apart from the obvious health issues that have arisen due to the Covid-19 virus, it has also dealt a huge blow the global economy, and forced various responses from many countries. This episode of The Perspective podcast is an attempt to summarize the variety of ways to deal with an exogneous shock of this magnitude, what it can lead to in the short – and long run respectively, as well as what implication this has for us as students. Is graduating from the university in 2020 actually analogous to jumping off a cliff, or could it also be an opportunity to make enriched and adapted decisions about ones future?

Panel: Sanjin Alagic, Max Onkenhout & Moritz Neubauer

Producers: Sanjin Alagic & Max Onkenhout

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