▶︎ Live Show – War Over Reality

UPF gets a yearly grant from the Folke Bernadotts Academy and in response we produce content with regards to specific themes about peace, security and development. This year’s theme is War Over Reality – The goal with this project is to problematize conflicts in our world with a certain connection to the use of technology, such as social media. The purpose is to enable people to question the current structures and dominating narratives in a digital world which can be hard to understand. 

At the Live-Show, that took place on the 22nd of April, our brave participants try to tackle the infamous concept of Fake News, alternative facts and misinformation. A back and forth discussion takes place where they sort out the origin of these terms and how they are used, the current state of information flow in the world and personal responsibility in what to believe. Enjoy!

Producer: Max Onkenhout

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