Op-ed: A performance-based foreign policy

As part of The Perspective op-ed series on all Swedish parliamentary parties, this text is a contribution by the Sweden Democrats’ Foreign Affairs spokesperson Markus Wiechel, and does not necessarily reflect the views of UPF Lund and The Perspective.

As the world has become increasingly globalized, foreign policy has become more important than ever. We see this not least now when we are facing an alarming pandemic, but in recent times this has also been evident when it comes to issues such as irregular migration, international conflicts and growing climate and environmental problems. International partnerships are the single most important tools for tackling several of the absolute greatest challenges of our time.

The Swedish Democrats’ foreign policy is performance-based. By clearly following the entire course of events for each issue, we wish to focus on directing our efforts where the needs are the greatest. With both long-term and short-term solutions, the aim of our policy should always be to go to the bottom to solve the root cause of any problem.

For us, it is more important to shape our foreign policy based on facts rather than to choose an ideologically distinct line that lacks a basis in reality. In this way, we not only relieve the symptoms of the problems but also help to solve them in a pragmatic way in the best possible way.

In view of the fact that the whole world is interconnected in various ways, it is of great importance that Sweden has a principled and clear foreign policy voice and that we address ourselves in various international forums. This is not least important from a signal-policy perspective. At the same time, we must be aware that Sweden is a small country – our negotiating position is limited.

This means that we must nurture our international relations. Sweden should be a country to count on
within various international bodies. Diplomacy with every country in the world should be highly
valued. Sweden as a nation benefits enormously by participating in conversations and by being a global player. Stability and security are a priority area, but also the promotion of free trade, education and entrepreneurship. These areas are key pillars for succeeding with other goals such as strengthening global democracy, combating corruption, defending basic human rights and combating poverty.

Alongside this, we see international aid as an important complement to helping people in need and lifting less fortunate communities. However, we believe that greater transparency in aid policy is required with a clear result account of various projects.

In times like these, as we see more and more conflicts around the world with increased tensions and elements of political and religious extremism, it is important to have a principled policy. Unlike the current government, the Swedish Democrats want to be the guarantor of such a policy.

If we can decide on Sweden’s foreign policy, we will actively strive for increased international cooperation, where we are highlighted as a stable player in the international arena. We will withdraw support for Islamist and / or misogynist activities and set a clear performance requirement for narrower but sharper assistance.

Our foreign policy is solution-oriented. With us there is no room for poster policy.


         Markus Wiechel, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson

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