What you can do to help people in Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has led to a rapidly developing military situation and worsening humanitarian crisis, The Perspective has compiled a list of useful resources with information, guidance and direct links to Ukraine. Here is what you can do to help Ukrainians and where you can learn more about the constantly changing situation.

You can donate to the following charities/NGOs with direct links to aid in Ukraine operating in Sweden (adapted from here):

Rädda Barnen (Save the Children)

Svenska Röda Korset (Swedish Red Cross)

Läkare Utan Gränser (Doctors Without Borders)

Reportrar Utan Gränser (Reporters Without Borders)



Polska Akcja Humanitarna (Polish Humanitarian Action)

Support Ukrainian media outlets


What can you do as an individual apart from sending money to charities?

Naturkompaniet, a Swedish sports and nature apparel company, is collecting clothes at all of its brick-and-mortar stores to send to Ukraine. They are looking for warm winter clothes, for both adults and children alongside sleeping bags, blankets and tents. They will add clothes from their own stock and pay for all shipping costs.

The Ukrainian Institute in the UK has compiled a thorough list of ways you can support Ukrainians’ plight from abroad. While some of the things outlined in their article are UK-related, many can be applied directly to Sweden.

Expressions of solidarity such as writing petitions or participating in demonstrations can have an impact to motivate your elected representatives to support the plight of Ukrainians politically, economically and militarily. In response to the recent events, hundreds of thousands of people have marched in support of Ukraine worldwide.


Where can I learn more about this conflict?

Most world news organisations are closely following the developments in Ukraine. However, you should be particularly cautious of misinformation as both sides try to spread their side of the conflict. Follow reporting only from reputable organisations.


Why are we posting this article? 

The Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund (UPF Lund), of which this publication is a part, has issued a statement publicly condemning Russia’s actions against Ukraine. We at The Perspective recognise the urgency of this conflict in Europe’s heartland and would like to point our readers to resources to help the Ukrainian people.

This article is mainly focussed towards our Swedish readers, but you can help Ukrainians regardless of your country of residence by donating to global charities or joining local support initiatives and collections.


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