▶︎ Talking Greenish: Episode 5 – The Climate Effects of COVID-19

[smart_track_player url=”https://radioaf.se/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/TG-5-vers-2_mixdown.mp3″ title=”Talking Greenish: Episode 5 – The Climate Effects of COVID-19″ ] Listen to it on iTunes (UPF Lund) Talking Greenish, the podcast about the planet, people and politics is back with another episode! In light of the current covid-19 pandemic we look into the effects the virus has on climate

Boris Johnson, along with senior politicians, test positive for coronavirus – cabinet members’ statuses in question

Picture By Stephen Harvey / No10 Downing Street Boris Johnson – the UK Prime Minister – has tested positive for COVID-19. He is the latest high-profile Briton to test positive for the virus after HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, Idris Elba and Health Minister Nadine Dorries. Elba and Dorries are