Western Sahara: Disputed Land and Still a Grey-Zone to the International Community

When looking at most maps, it is possible to spot a land just west of the Sahara desert, squeezed in between Mauritania, Algeria and Morocco. It says “Western Sahara” and lines are drawn to separate it from neighboring countries. Although, when looking north towards Morocco the line is often dashed,

Botswana: The end of a success story?

Botswana is often praised for its political and economic stability, the multi-party democracy and good human rights records. This reputation is widely shared, by organisations like Freedom House and Transparency International, and even by foreign governments and international financial institutions. But events during last year’s election showed a gap between

Trapped Asylum Seekers in Europe: The Dublin Regulation

There is a large number of asylum seekers and refugees who are attempting to find a better life in Europe. They are often middle-class, well-educated people fleeing conflict or persecution in their home countries and are looking for refuge because their own countries have become unliveable. After spending their savings

Colombia peace talks: is an end in sight of the longstanding FARC conflict?

Since the mid-1960s, Colombia has been suffering from an ongoing conflict which has made a large impact on the civil community in the country. Different political ideologies separate Colombia and the way of implicating these ideologies has been through violence for many years. However, by the end of 2012, peace

It’s a Koch brother’s world – Campaign finance law in the post-Citizens United era

Two of the richest people in the world, the Koch brothers have long helped shape the conservative arena of American politics. Going into the 2016 presidential race, they’ve recently announced that the political action network that they’re backing is going to spend 889 million dollars in the run-up to the

Popular Populism – The Success of Populist Parties Explained

Populism has existed since the dawn of politics and many historical consequences – ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – have been ascribed to it. Presently, Europe is experiencing a surge of popularity towards populist parties, often dubbed right-wing, which in turn leaves conventional parties struggling to remain in power. Ideology aside, the