▶︎ Russian Activism: Online, Offline – Protest wherever you are

[smart_podcast_player url=”https://radioaf.se/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/RussianActivism_Episode_1.mp3″ ] Listen to it on iTunes (UPF Lund) Activism is on the rise all over the world. In this podcast series, we take a look at the rising activism in Russia. The voices of the citizens of Russia have started to spread from an offline environment to online

▶︎ Dancing for freedom

[smart_track_player url=”https://radioaf.se/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Dancing-for-Freedom-Finalmente_mixdown.mp3″ ] Listen to it on iTunes (UPF Lund) This episode is a dialog about how political dissaproval and oppression has shown to take form in music. More specifically, how it has lead to a techno-revolution. Voice and Production: Luise Leder & Sanjin Alagic Listen to some of our other podcasts!

▶︎ Unpacking Russian Social Media: If You Like Privacy, Tell Your Friends About It

What does the future hold for Telegram? In the last episode of the series, we discuss the importance of privacy for Telegram and what the consequences of the app’s agreement with the Russian state might be. What happens with the audience when privacy suddenly isn’t the main focus? What would

An End to Corruption: Jair Bolsonaro And Brazil’s Expanding Militia

A councilor executed in the streets, the leading presidential candidate jailed before the election, and a controversial politician rising to fame from previous anonymity. In the world’s fifth largest country with potentially the largest oil reserves in the world, corruption has been running rampant with paramilitaries increasingly spreading their influence.

When Good Intentions Are Not Enough: The Issues Surrounding the Controversial Vote On Article 13 Of The EU Copyright Directive

Many of us have heard about Article 13 on websites like YouTube, Google and Reddit. The majority of discussion surrounding Article 13 is focused on whether or not the EU directive will curtail freedoms to share content such as memes or information. Contrary to popular belief, the EU is, fortunately,

The Dissident Artist: Ai Weiwei And Yang Lian Panel Discussion At Malmö Library

Ai Weiwei is a world renowned Chinese artist. His work often acts as a medium for social commentary regarding topics such as human rights, migration, and activism. His work has led to controversy with the Chinese government, who imprisoned him for 81 days, an event met with global protests. On

▶︎ Street Art And Politics

We live in complex times where people become increasingly disillusioned with political elites, neo-liberal rhetoric, and economic injustice. In response, political art is taking to the streets all over the world to express common discontent. Associated initially with youth and punk movements, street art has become an important political tool