Whatever Happened to the Hope of Tahrir Square?

Photographer: Zeinab Mohamed  As the largest protests Egypt has seen in years have been met with violence, it may be time for Western countries to reassess their support for Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s authoritarian regime. This should come along with the realisation that the state of human rights in the North

▶︎ Towards A Safer Future

In the last show of the semester, we turned to the topic “Towards a Brighter Future” and discussed what future might entail for humanity. Is climate disaster around the corner or, maybe, another world war? [smart_track_player url=”https://radioaf.se/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/UPF_LiveShow_mixdown_final.mp3″ ] Listen to it on ITUNES (UPF Lund) Author: Sanjin Alagic Speakers: Image Source: Unsplash

One Ban To Rule Them All: A Wider Perspective On The Alabama Abortion Ban

Alabama’s recent decision to implement a near-total ban on abortion has sparked a worldwide reaction, bringing new life into the debate around female reproductive rights and abortion laws. The ban, passed on May 14th, effectively bans abortions outright. According to Amnesty International, access to abortion is one of the most

▶︎ Unpacking Russian Social Media: If You Like Privacy, Tell Your Friends About It

What does the future hold for Telegram? In the last episode of the series, we discuss the importance of privacy for Telegram and what the consequences of the app’s agreement with the Russian state might be. What happens with the audience when privacy suddenly isn’t the main focus? What would

It’s More Than A Sunni-Shia Conflict: How The West Is Funding Warlords In Yemen

Nothing in Yemen has been left untouched by war, not even the air. Yemen’s four-year civil war has produced the world’s worst humanitarian disaster. The conflict between a Saudi-led coalition supporting the Yemeni government and Iran-aligned rebels has killed at least 10,000 people and pushed 14 million more to the

The Dissident Artist: Ai Weiwei And Yang Lian Panel Discussion At Malmö Library

Ai Weiwei is a world renowned Chinese artist. His work often acts as a medium for social commentary regarding topics such as human rights, migration, and activism. His work has led to controversy with the Chinese government, who imprisoned him for 81 days, an event met with global protests. On