Off-The-Books Diplomacy: Italy And Libya – Beyond Official Agreements

A photo of the Libyan Coast, with a view to the Mediterranean Sea / Wikimedia Commons It is often said that, in politics, there is no room for morality. Indeed, sometimes a State accepts a certain degree of external injustice in order to cope with internal problems. That is, unfortunately,

‘Fog In Channel, Continent Cut Off’: A Brief Account Of Euroscepticism In The UK

According to a famous story, a 1940s headline in one of the British newspapers once read: ‘Fog in Channel, Continent Cut Off’. While its existence has been disputed, the headline has since often been used as a symbol of Britain’s individualism and sense of isolationism with regard to continental Europe,

▶︎ Heroes and Villains – Live Show

The podcast is a recap of the live show from The Perspective Radio on the theme “Heroes and Villains”. The show starts with an introduction from Olga who also gives a brief overview of Julian Assange’s persona. She then opens up the topic for a discussion: should Assange, and whistleblowing

Swedish Elections 2018: Gridlock In Stockholm

For perhaps the first time since 1973, the night of the general elections left the Swedish public with more questions than answers. The left-right block system that has dominated the political landscape in Sweden for decades has now seriously come into question.  In the largely ideologically-driven Swedish political landscape, two

Weathering The Tropical Storm

Hurricanes are one the most devastating types of natural disaster there is. Impossible to control, utterly destructive, and leaving nothing but havoc in their wake. We can neither control nor prevent hurricanes, but we can anticipate them. In 2018 the Atlantic hurricane season is predicted to run from June 1st

NAFTA: Deal or No Deal?

Since taking office, revising American free trade agreements has been a top priority for President Trump and his “America First”-agenda. Living up to his election promises in 2016, President Trump informed Congress in August 2017 that he would renegotiate “the worst trade deal ever signed, anywhere” – namely the North