Is Santa now on the naughty list?

picture: Greg Lobinski, Flickr
picture: Greg Lobinski, Flickr

When the news broke that China will be a permanent observer on the Arctic Council it was met with scepticism and puzzled looks. However, reports are now emerging that might shine a light of how this came to be.

According to leaked document, Santa has been a driving force behind this move. Although an alliance between China and the ever-present gift-giver may seem unlikely to some, a deal has been struck for mutual gains. According to the documents, Santa outsourced gift making to China when his workforce could no longer reach growing targets. Blame for this has been put down to global population growth and increased demands for more labour intensive products. With several elf strikes at key places in the production line, the North Pole has lately found it increasingly hard to stay on top amongst increasingly fierce global competition.

With increased population growth and elves fighting for workers rights the North Pole has become increasingly desperate to remain on top of targets. A deal was thus made that allowed China to become a member of the Artic Council in exchange for toys.

Questions still remain concerning China’s movements in the Artic. More importantly will Santa give into the Elf Union’s demands and increase their wages from two to three candy canes per month in time to save Christmas.


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