Italians First, Migrants Second?

Since the commencement of the 5 Stars Movement-Northern League coalition government following the Italian general election on the 4th April 2018, Italy has witnessed an alarming increase in physical and verbal attacks against migrants, Italian black citizens, and shelters and individuals offering support to refugees. To simply play the ¨ignorance

How The Other 0.01% Lives

“I like ‘Star Wars’ way better. I’m a capitalist. ‘Star Wars’ is the capitalist show. ‘Star Trek’ is the communist one. There is no money in ‘Star Trek’ because you just have the transporter machine that can make anything you need. The whole plot of ‘Star Wars’ starts with Han

Europe’s Environmental Contradiction: The Saga Of The Glyphosate Licences

Last November a fundamental decision revealed the hypocrisy of the European Union concerning environmental issues and the incapacity of the European Commission to extract itself from the interests of commercial groups. The licence for the use of glyphosate, a hazardous herbicide, has been renewed for five years, with the agreement

A modest proposal to tackle climate change

Climate change is a global crisis that sees us racing towards a more than 2oC change in temperature that could lead to disaster. The major industrialized countries are not meeting their environmental goals and the ‘leader of the free world’, President Donald Trump is denying the existence of global warming,

Chewing gum for the soul

“We, the People, are taking our country back.” The rallying cry of the American right since at least 2009 provokes as many questions as answers. Taking our country back from whom? Or indeed: taking it back to where and when? When the Industrial Revolution broke out in Europe in the

An Interview with the Australian Ambassador to Sweden

On 28th November 2017, I had the opportunity to interview Jonathan Kenna, Australian Ambassador to Sweden, following on from an event where members of UPF were able to ask the Ambassador questions, especially pertaining to Australia’s new Foreign Policy White Paper. I asked him a few questions regarding recent domestic