The Race to Vaccinate the World – A Global Power Play in Latin America

Victor Idrogo / Banco Mundial, Flickr For centuries, Latin America and the Caribbean have been the site of geopolitical power plays. The Covid-19 pandemic has made the region once again the stage for  competition over the world’s leadership position – this time between China and the United States. This past

Argentina’s “Green Wave”: A Women’s Rights Struggle In Latin America

On June 13, 2018 the lower house of the Argentinian Congress voted in favor of a bill to decriminalize abortion up to the 14th week of pregnancy. Less than two months later, the upper house voted against the bill so abortion in Argentina remains penalized except in the case of

How Fidel Castro Inspired The Left In Latin America

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz passed away in November 2016 and his death sparked varied reactions across the globe. Hated and admired by so many, Castro is a legend not only in Cuba, but throughout all of Latin America  and the world. He was also an inspiration to well-known Latin American

Weathering The Tropical Storm

Hurricanes are one the most devastating types of natural disaster there is. Impossible to control, utterly destructive, and leaving nothing but havoc in their wake. We can neither control nor prevent hurricanes, but we can anticipate them. In 2018 the Atlantic hurricane season is predicted to run from June 1st

Blood on the leaves: menstruation and the masculinity of humanitarian aid

Your home is in ruins, your possessions scattered, and your livelihood is destroyed. You are on the move now, forced to move away from everything you know. Then you get your period. Most humanitarian aid is gender-blind. In practice this means that factors of everyday life that impact both women

No Place for Moral Vacuums – the Crisis of Humanitarian Aid

Those who follow international news would have found it hard to miss the recent scandal faced by one of Britain’s biggest aid agencies, Oxfam. An investigation by The Times claimed that the charity covered up misconduct by senior aid workers in Haiti, including the then-country director Roland van Hauwermeiren. The