The Case Of The EU’s Martin Selmayr

He has been called everything. A character from a novel, the Frank Underwood of the European Commission, a man who could sell his mom and dad, a monster that makes Brussels sway. Only exceptional people can evoke that much passion. If you have heard about Martin Selmayr, chances are that

Prostitution and Slavery in the EU: Romania’s Human Trafficking Problem

Human trafficking is a serious and terrible breach of human rights and a violation human dignity, yet it remains a lucrative illegal market globally. Estimates from the International Labor organization (ILO) show that profits from human trafficking reach 150 billion US dollars every year and affect over 20.9 million victims.

Duterte’s brutal democracy

In 2016 the world’s media was focused on the United States, anxiously awaiting the results of the November U.S. presidential election. However, six months earlier another populist presidential candidate came to power across the Pacific, when Rodrigo Duterte was elected President of the Philippines. Pledging to crack down on drugs

Is Rwanda Africa’s “post-conflict” success story? 

Twenty-three years ago, Rwanda was on its knees. The economy was a wreck with most of the country’s facilities and services non-existent, in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide against the ethnic group Tutsi. Economists, historians and theorists wrote off the country and predicted it would become just another failed

Europe’s Environmental Contradiction: The Saga Of The Glyphosate Licences

Last November a fundamental decision revealed the hypocrisy of the European Union concerning environmental issues and the incapacity of the European Commission to extract itself from the interests of commercial groups. The licence for the use of glyphosate, a hazardous herbicide, has been renewed for five years, with the agreement

Is Europe stepping up to meet the plastic waste challenge?

From waste masses floating in oceans to birds pictured with their bellies full of the stuff, the environmental hazards caused by plastic waste are breaching into the common consciousness. But what exactly is being done about this in the EU, the self-proclaimed environmental front runner of the world? Plastic has