Trolling ISIS: The West Battling Jihad on Social Media

Social media propaganda. Source: birgerking, Flickr CC The breakthrough of social media has given different actors the ability to communicate their message to an immense audience in a matter of seconds. It has provided individuals and organizations with the ability to spread ideas, mobilize supporters, and perhaps even start revolutions.

Video Technology: Improving Regular Media and Preventing Global Injustices?

The rapid evolution of digital technology has changed how we interact with the world around us. New technology has made it possible for even common people to share newsworthy information, which was previously the exclusive role of journalists and police. Bystanders witnessing a crime can easily record crucial information if

Botswana: The end of a success story?

Botswana is often praised for its political and economic stability, the multi-party democracy and good human rights records. This reputation is widely shared, by organisations like Freedom House and Transparency International, and even by foreign governments and international financial institutions. But events during last year’s election showed a gap between

It’s a Koch brother’s world – Campaign finance law in the post-Citizens United era

Two of the richest people in the world, the Koch brothers have long helped shape the conservative arena of American politics. Going into the 2016 presidential race, they’ve recently announced that the political action network that they’re backing is going to spend 889 million dollars in the run-up to the

The next step in the war on terror: The beginning of a new Iraq War?

The observation that history repeats itself might be valid, at least in the case of the ongoing conflict in Iraq and Syria. During the previous months, the world has witnessed many heinous crimes against innocent people ranging from the massacres of civilians to the beheadings of journalists, and with their

Brazil 2014: FIFA World Cup and Presidential Elections. Is this Brazil’s busiest year in history?

The eyes of the entire world were turned towards Brazil during this summers FIFA’s World Cup. However, the World Cup wasn’t the only mayor event in Brazil this year, as the worlds 5th largest democracy is currently preparing itself to elect a new president on October 26th, after an exciting first

Chronic Clientelism, Brazilian Style

Brazilians protesting corruption. Source: Metrix Feet, FlickrWith the FIFA World Cup only a few months away, Brazil will soon be the center of world’s attention. The country has made some enormous investments in preparing for the event, yet these investments may not serve the Brazilian population itself. Last June people took to the streets with the trigger being an increase in public transportation fares. This is just the surface of all the issues that underlie the outcry. While a huge amount money is spent on the World Cup, the population has poor access to opportunities within education and healthcare. Brazilians are well familiar with the corruption that continues to prevail in their country and the unequal societal structure has led to clientelism gaining a strong foothold. A particular form of clientelist politics observed in Northeast Brazil gives insight into the complex political environment in the country.

By Ronja Hård