▶︎ Private-Public Partnerships: New Perspectives on International Development

Curious about the most recent debates and discourses among development practitioners working in the public and the private sector? Tune in to this week’s episode focused on the latest perspectives regarding public-private partnerships, which are regarded as one of the more comprehensive means of tackling challenges to global development and

A Young Rebel Of Ortega’s Dictatorship: “We Feel The Repression To Our Bones”

Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua, once stood at the frontline of his country’s leftist revolution, fighting for the emancipation from forty two years of dictatorship. Almost forty years later, as Ortega is serving his third consecutive term, large-scale protests against his presidency have resulted in hundreds of deaths and the

“It is an expression of colonial power”: an interview with the Palestianian ambassador to Sweden

On April 23, the Palestinian Ambassador in Sweden, Hala Husni Fariz, gave a lecture to UPF Lund about the past and the present of Palestine. The Perspective Webzine had the opportunity of having a talk with her before the event. How would you describe the relationship between Palestine and Sweden? Well, the

An Interview with the Australian Ambassador to Sweden

On 28th November 2017, I had the opportunity to interview Jonathan Kenna, Australian Ambassador to Sweden, following on from an event where members of UPF were able to ask the Ambassador questions, especially pertaining to Australia’s new Foreign Policy White Paper. I asked him a few questions regarding recent domestic

“Plurality is a resource, not a weakness” – an interview with Father Jacques Mourad

Since 2011 over half a million Christians have fled Syria as a result of the Civil War and the rise of the Islamic State. The Syrian priest, Father Jacques Mourad, was one of them; after his unique experience with IS, he remains determined to continue working towards a dialogue between