Italians First, Migrants Second?

Since the commencement of the 5 Stars Movement-Northern League coalition government following the Italian general election on the 4th April 2018, Italy has witnessed an alarming increase in physical and verbal attacks against migrants, Italian black citizens, and shelters and individuals offering support to refugees. To simply play the ¨ignorance

Weathering The Tropical Storm

Hurricanes are one the most devastating types of natural disaster there is. Impossible to control, utterly destructive, and leaving nothing but havoc in their wake. We can neither control nor prevent hurricanes, but we can anticipate them. In 2018 the Atlantic hurricane season is predicted to run from June 1st

A year after its bid for independence, the future for Iraqi Kurdistan remains unclear

Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government passed a controversial independence referendum in September of last year. Internationally supported only by Israel, it was met with a blockade from all neighbouring countries and sparked a military invasion from Baghdad.  Due to these events, the dominant Kurdish parties are now turning against each other. Monday,

Liberté, Egalité, Mbappé: How France’s World Cup Success Highlights its Urban “Territorial Apartheid”

‘Ghetto’ isn’t a word readily associated with the South of France. However, fifteen minutes’ walk from the super yachts, Michelin-starred restaurants and jewellery stores of Marseille’s Vieux-Port is Félix-Pyat, Marseille’s ghetto and France’s poorest district. Félix-Pyat’s residents are relatively homogenous, with low levels of education and healthcare and high rates

Prostitution and Slavery in the EU: Romania’s Human Trafficking Problem

Human trafficking is a serious and terrible breach of human rights and a violation human dignity, yet it remains a lucrative illegal market globally. Estimates from the International Labor organization (ILO) show that profits from human trafficking reach 150 billion US dollars every year and affect over 20.9 million victims.

Budapest and Brussels: more distant than ever after the 2018 Hungarian election

Close to midnight on April the 8th of 2018 in Budapest, after near-complete results, Viktor Orban, the current Prime Minister of Hungary and head of the political party FIDESZ, claimed his victory. He will again be in office for the next four years, after winning the national election in Hungary

“Not my circus, not my monkeys”: Poland’s illiberal turn

There is a saying in Poland that goes “Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy”, which translates to “Not my circus, not my monkeys”. As a Polish citizen having lived abroad for most of my life, this mindset has been quite appealing in light of recent developments in the country. It’s