Russia’s Euro-vision for the future

From Finnish rock bands to Portuguese opera singers, Eurovision is the place where once a year Europeans gather and showcase their unique, sometimes strange, yet always entertaining music acts, and there is a level of mutual respect between countries that always shines through our television screens. This year Ireland’s entry,

The most political thing you can do is to follow your heart

It has never been easy being gay, a lesbian, transsexual or bisexual in Belarus. Despite recognising same-sex relationships homosexuality is rarely accepted by society as a whole. As such homosexuals, transgender people, and bisexuals are often encouraged not to speak up about their sexuality. Instead the community is forced to

Forgotten refugees on the Eastern border of the EU

The migration crisis in Europe was at the center of media attention throughout 2015 – early 2016, but has gradually lost its prominence. While the Western media were quick to abandon the topic, switching their attention to more recent events, the problem was hardly solved or improved for thousands of

Managing the Russian threat: Finland’s 100 years of independence

Finland, the small Nordic nation situated in the shadow of Russia, celebrated its 100th birthday last week. More specifically, Finland celebrated 100 years of being independent from its eastern neighbour. During its century of liberty, Finland has become talented at maintaining strong ties with the Western world while simultaneously having

If Mark Zuckerberg Runs For President In 2020, What Would It Mean For Facebook?

Donald Trump’s current approval ratings are lower at this stage in the presidency than any other President in the last forty years. Emboldened by this perceived vulnerability, candidates are already beginning to position themselves in what is expected to be a crowded field to contest the Democratic Party nomination; a

Remembering the Man who Prevented World War III

Can one man save the world? The late Soviet officer Stanislav Petrov, whose death took place in September, seems to have done exactly that. His calm calculations combined with his instinct probably saved the world from a Third World War and a subsequent nuclear Armageddon. It can be argued that this