Winter Holidays Across the World: Latin America

The “winter” holidays in Latin America are made up of factors that are fundamental elements to most seasonal traditions – eating, drinking, dancing and spending time with loved ones. However, to understand how each country in the region developed their own unique traditions, one must look to culture. Whereas culture

▶︎ Live Show – Ep 6: Realities of Human Security

In the final episode of the season, we talk about all things human security! From sanitation issues, pollution lockdowns, data tracking apps, to the recent abortion and miscarriage bill in Poland – this is not an episode you will want to miss! Host: Ismar Didic; Guest(s): Sophie Beria, Thalia Wright

How the Belarusian identity became subservient to Lukashenko

Aleksandr Lukashenko, currently celebrating his 27th year as president, has held a near-constant media presence. From his repressive crackdown on the pro-democracy protests last year, to his decision to force a commercial plane to land in Belarus and to the recent border issue with Poland, Lukashenko has made himself somewhat