Kevin Spacey; An unexpected asset for the Democratic Party?

picture: Photo Giddy at Flickr

Times are a bit rough for the Democrats at the moment, the midterm election last fall was catastrophic, Obama is forced to dodge widespread criticism from several directions and recent polls showed that one third of republicans in the U.S see Obama as a bigger threat than Vladimir Putin himself. As the presidential election in 2016 is approaching, the Democratic Party will have to step up, look for new solutions and think outside of the box.

However, there is one Democratic leader who is doing very well at the moment. Who is gaining popularity both nationally and internationally. The fact is that he is being watched and followed by dedicated fans all over the world. The man is Frank Underwood, a ruthless yet efficient and productive leader with very clear ambitions and goals. Mr. Underwood is the Democratic president in the well-known political drama House of Cards, and is being played by the very prominent actor Kevin Spacey. In fact, recent polls have even shown that fictional President Underwood is more popular than President Obama amongst the American people.

With great determination, intelligence and often unjust methods he is making his way through the political hierarchy in Washington D.C. and will not stop until he reaches the very top. Kevin Spacey does the job so well that while obsessively following the TV series it is almost impossible not to imagine that Spacey himself was born to be a politician. He understands the political game by heart, how to speak, how to look and most importantly, he knows exactly how to deal with people that go against him.

Is this not exactly what the Democrats are in need of at this very moment? A charismatic person, not afraid to use unorthodox methods in order to reach his goals, a man who attracts the attention of people as no other current Democratic politician is able to do. It seems like the perfect front figure for a successful campaign. Kevin Spacey might just be the quick fix the party needs to get back on track. After all, the career-move from being a well-known actor to be the President of the United States of America has been done before. Ronald Reagan did it very successfully, why not Kevin Spacey?

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