A Governments Guide to Revoking Autonomy: The Curious Case of Kashmir

Source: Kashmir Global In the days leading up to August 5th the inhabitants of Indian-administered Kashmir would experience a series of foreboding events. The telephone networks and internet access were cut off, public gatherings were banned, tens of thousands of troops were sent in, tourist were instructed to leave Kashmir

Through Destruction Comes Rebirth: Reconstruction Of Destroyed Heritage Comes To Light In Malmö Konsthall’s Newest Installation

Michael Rakowitz, The invisible enemy should not exist, (Room G, Northwest Palace of Nimrud, Panel 21. VERDEC collection, Belgium / Photo: Nick Ash The birthplace of our civilisation, the beginning of one of the oldest societies, of Sumerian and Babylonians, the land of Iraq, is destroyed. In 2015, videos posted by

The Dissident Artist: Ai Weiwei And Yang Lian Panel Discussion At Malmö Library

Ai Weiwei is a world renowned Chinese artist. His work often acts as a medium for social commentary regarding topics such as human rights, migration, and activism. His work has led to controversy with the Chinese government, who imprisoned him for 81 days, an event met with global protests. On

▶︎ Street Art And Politics

We live in complex times where people become increasingly disillusioned with political elites, neo-liberal rhetoric, and economic injustice. In response, political art is taking to the streets all over the world to express common discontent. Associated initially with youth and punk movements, street art has become an important political tool