Social media – the new frontier for gender-based violence?

For many, social media has become an essential part of everyday life providing unprecedented opportunities for interaction, engagement, and information. It is also, however, a breeding ground for online violence targeting young women. For the girls targeted these everyday spaces become inaccessible and unsafe. Plan International, an NGO promoting equality

One Ban To Rule Them All: A Wider Perspective On The Alabama Abortion Ban

Alabama’s recent decision to implement a near-total ban on abortion has sparked a worldwide reaction, bringing new life into the debate around female reproductive rights and abortion laws. The ban, passed on May 14th, effectively bans abortions outright. According to Amnesty International, access to abortion is one of the most

A New Dawn For Women’s Rights In India

In the early morning of January 2nd 2019 two middle-aged women visited an ancient Hindu temple called Sabarimala in Kerala, South India. They were transported there by ambulance, accompanied by police officers dressed as civilians, and they entered the temple through a side door. According to the Supreme Court of

“If He Beats You Then It Means He Loves You” – The Cultural Nature Of Gender-Based Violence In Belarus

When strolling around in Minsk, the collapse of the Soviet Union feels far away. Stalinist architecture, serious faces in the metro, Lenin statues and the symbol of the hammer and sickle everywhere make you feel small and as if the KGB are watching your every move. The substantial military presence

Jair Bolsonaro And The Voices Of Brazilian Women

The right-wing nationalist wave has reached Brazil. Political violence is sweeping across the country, causing threats, murders and assaults. The new president, Jair Bolsonaro, was himself stabbed during his campaign, something which only increased his support. Brazil is now facing the most dramatic political shift to the right since the